Friday, September 19, 2014

Outfit: Promises and they still feel all so wasted on myself.

Lace embroidered duster kimono: Forever 21 || Bustier crop top: Free People || Concho Belt: Vintage via eBay || Choker: Regalrose || Velvet skirt: OASAP || Boots: Vagabond

Velvet + lace is definitely a perfect combo for layering in autumn! The outfit is a mixture of grunge, goth and boho in a way and it looks quite "doll-like" and vintage inspired or at least I think so. The lace duster immediately caught my eye when I was browsing through the Forever 21 website, it's the perfect layering piece! You will definitely see it way more often in my fall outfit posts when I'm wearing it under cardigans or flannel shirts! It's very vintage and expensive looking, I'm so in love with F21's current AW collection! I also dig my velvet skirts out again, velvet is the perfect fabric for autumn and winter. I really liked the grey tone with the dark charcoal color of my bustier top I got from Free People a couple of months ago.  Furthermore I found this perfect rose quartz choker necklace on Regalrose, one of my favorite jewelry shops. It's simply beautiful and I think it matches perfectly to the outfit. 
Today and tomorrow will probably the last hot days here in Germany, so I will definitely enjoy them as much as I can. I'm going to miss summer and the hot breeze, but I'm also looking forward to those days when the leaves are getting colorful and falling to the ground and halloween is coming. Wish you all an awesome weekend, loves! xx

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Outfit: Unknown pleasures.

Unstructured khaki jacket: Zara || Joy Division shirt: Urban Outfitters || Studded denim shorts: River Island || "Dioon" Boots: Vagabond

I'm sure you all know those days when it's neither hot nor cold outside and you don't know what to wear - here is the perfect combo for that typical 16-20 °C weather (I wore that jacket A LOT during the last days). I already discovered the khaki jacket on Zara's website months ago, but it was constantly sold out in my size - a couple of weeks ago it had been restocked and because it had still been on my mind I knew I needed that jacket. I hadn't owned a khaki jacket before and I really loved its unstructured design, it resembles pretty much a light weighted parka or trench coat. I love wearing it with band tees and to keep the rest of the outfit in more grey/black tones. I'm also wearing my favorite denim shorts again, those are studded, mid-waisted and add an edgy Rock 'n' Roll vibe to EVERY look, you all know them from my past looks. :-) 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Outfit: The day that never comes.

Fringed tribal print kimono: Forever 21 || Metallica tee: Secondhand (actually from Urban Outfitters ; similar available) || Disco shorts: American Apparel ||  Platform heels: The Whitepepper 

Everytime I wear this kimono I kinda feel like a rockstar, the fringing is so dope! Its warm burgundy/dark red + slightly orange colors are perfect for pre-autumn days, but perfectly suitable for summer, too. It is very expensive looking, but it wasn't at all! It was only around 29$, to be honest I had never seen any cheaper kimono which was as beautiful as this one. I saw it on the US Forever 21 shop at first, but the european website (where I have to shop) got this beauty a couple of weeks later, so I checked the "new arrivals" section daily until they finally put it online. It was definitely worth the wait, it's surprisingly heavy (which is perfect for a cold breeze) and the fringing on the arms is way better than fringing on the hemline, because your fingers, rings and fringe won't tangle up. 
If I would sing in a rock band this would  be one of my stage outfits, that for sure haha! The metallica tee was a real bargain, I got it on a secondhand website for 1/5 of the original price and it's perfect for my band shirt collection. Metallica will probably always be my #1 rock band.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Update #8

New in…
My beloved "Gypsy Queen" leather jacket by Spell Designs. I had been waiting for that baby for more than 3 months until it was finally available to order. It's a one of a kind jacket with embroidered vintage fabrics and I know it will be in my life forever. I can't wait to show you the front (which is as beautiful as the back) and its fitting in one of the upcoming outfit posts. Furthermore I got new booties you already know from my post including the purple maxi skirt. Aren't they perfect? Btw: get ready for a "room tour" post including my jewelry and wardrobe next week! :-)

 by some favorites I recently found on Check out my Tumblr page to see more of my inspos. 

One of my favorite TV series is back on german TV - Under the dome! I really enjoyed the first season,  I love the story and how it thrills me. If you don't know it yet - try one episode, you will love it!

(Picture from

"Bonfire" by Knife Party. All day long, I'm addicted to that song!

Right now I actually save up some money for a jacket which will be released in October - it's a fringed, white leather jacket and I can't wait to have it hanging in my wardrobe and wear it! It looks just like the one Jimi Hendrix was wearing at Woodstock. It also has that blue beading details!! 

Instagram update & funny facts about me…
(follow my daily life on instagram! @TessaDiamondly)

Everyone has some (also really funny and weird) facts about oneself, here are some about me…
  • I've never been into eating food at restaurants - if I do, I'll love fast food restaurants like KFC or Subway (or food trucks selling Frozen Yoghurts)
  • Sometimes I eat a piece of cake (I like those with yoghurt toppings and with low fat) or other deserts for lunch
  • Because I'm already talking about food habits - I hate drinking water (which would be healthier, I know) instead I go for diet coke or sugar free iced tea. Furthermore I only drink iced coffee which I need/consume daily
  • I usually prefer online shopping. You have plenty of choice and I need to think about buying something before I do it in the end
  • … even though I shop online, it's hard for me to wait until it's delivered. I'm super inpatient.
  • Clothes have to be love at first sight and mustn't get out of my head
  • I'm an early bird. I can hardly sleep more than 6 hours
  • I'm constantly day dreaming 
  • I have no yellow clothes in my wardrobe (I don't like that color much)
  • I love listening to Kerrang! Radio on the internet. They play awesome rock music & make me discover new, catchy songs
  • I have an instagram addiction - I love browsing hashtags and constantly updating my feed

Friday, September 12, 2014

Outfit: Relive the 70s.

Floral "Gypsy Queen" castaway skirt: Spell Designs via Bycheryve || Fringed leather jacket: H&M || Led Zeppelin tee: ASOS || Necklace: Vanessa Mooney via Free People || Boots: Zara

Sometimes I browse through Tumblr and see pictures from the Woodstock festival in 1969 and even it was almost 50 years ago some people were dressed awesome and are truly an inspiration. Here's my modern version of a 70s inspired hippie look. Floral, swishing skirts were probably the key piece! You all know this print from a romper I posted in June (find it here), it's probably the most beautiful floral print I've ever seen in my entire life and furthermore it's no big surprise it's by my favorite brand "Spell". I already got that skirt in June, but even if it may sounds weird, I prefer wearing maxi skirts in autumn and rock them with a leather jacket and a biker/band tee. The colors of my Led Zeppelin tee match perfectly to the floral print and make the look less dark-looking. Fringed or biker leather jackets are definitely my weakness, you can never have enough of them and they go in all seasons. I'm planning to get another fringed one dropping in October/November, it's a white one and clearly Jimi Hendrix inspired. I can't wait for it to be released, so I'll be able to buy it and have it in my wardrobe! :-)