Friday, August 22, 2014

Outfit: Final masquerade.

Crochet crop top: Somedays Lovin' via ASOS || Lace split maxi skirt: Romwe || Concho belt: Vintage found on eBay || Navajo rings and ethnic necklace: All vintage findings || Platform Heels: The White Pepper 

I wanted to shoot the outfit for such a long time, finally I can show it to you. Actually I've already owned most of the clothes I wear quite a long time like the crochet top I got around March. The only thing which I recently bought is my new stunning necklace from a secondhand website. It's really indian arts looking what I love! The white crochet bralet is probably the most beautiful crop top I have in my wardrobe, it's perfect for summer and can also be dressed down. The whole outfit is quite bohemian chic, also probably darker than my usual boho looks. Sometimes I love to get totally dressed up even if I usually wear more laid-back outfits like my favorite combo: kimono-tee-shorts-booties you know. Even if maybe it's not obvious at first, the skirt can be worn in so many ways. I already have so many ideas how to combine it with my beloved flannels, some tights and to grunge it up in autumn. Hope you all have an awesome weekend even if the weather isn't very 'summer like' at all at the moment (at least here in Germany…). xx

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration: Spell & The Gypsy Collective "Bohemian Royale" collection

The Spell girls from Australia nailed it again this season: So many beautiful mind-blowing clothes have just dropped on their website and I honestly can't tell how much I love the prints, designs and colors. Somehow it seems to me they get better and better! Every time I see a new Spell lookbook I'm like "oh my god, this is SO me!" and especially this one could describe my whole wardrobe and the way I usually dress. No wonder I'm obsessing over 4 pieces right now I really must have in my life, you'll hopefully see me wearing them very soon. (Maybe you can guess what I've planned to buy? ;-D ). Here I picked some of my favorite pictures with the stunning and beautiful  model Anja Konstantinvoa and probably the most beautiful clothing and room EVER. Simply inspiring. Not forget to mention the gorgeous jewelry. Can I have a wolf, too please?
Photographer: Graham Dunn
Source: Spell Designs

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit: Autumn's calling.

"Jada" backless dress: Brandy Melville || Jewelry: Vintage or from markets || Boots: Zara .

That dress perfectly express the weather at the moment: Even if it's still summer (or should be at least), the weather feels like autumn is very very close. The sun shines, it's still hot, but the air and the wind are quite fresh and chilly. That beautiful dress I bought when I was in Munich and shopping at Brandy has the perfect autumn print. The brownish colors and the gorgeous boho print somehow really remind me of autumn colors even though it's a summer dress. Perfect for the transition from summer to autumn, right? I really love the "Jada" design by Brandy Melville, it looks so cute and sexy at the same time. Generally I really love backless dresses at the moment (thinking of getting a crochet one for autumn!) even though I have to wear a jacket over it right now because of the cold breeze here in Germany right now. As usual I also wear my vintage treasures I found at local markets or on vintage websites and my beloved western booties from Zara. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Outfit: Bonfire.

Crochet hem kimono:  New Look || Tie-Dye playsuit / romper: Forever 21 || Handpiece: Vintage || Boots: Vagabond 

I've been wearing kimonos for 3 years now and I've just discovered the perfect plain one. Finally. All my other kimonos are multicolored and printed which was no problem at all before, because I usually combined them with tees, tops and shorts. But every time I wore a dress or a printed shirt, I wished I had a plain black kimono which goes with everything (You know I've always had this never ending big love for black). When I discovered this one on I knew I had found the perfect black kimono. It has this beautiful crochet hemline which adds some boho vibes and make it more edgy and less "basic" looking like a normal cardigan. I also love its length, it's not too short or too long, simply perfect. Furthermore it fits to every style - it can be dressed grunge, boho or goth and even hippish. This is definitely going to be my most worn kimono ever haha. The Tie-Dyed romper is a find from my Munich trip with a good friend of mine when we were shopping at Forever 21. It immediately caught my eye, it looks way more expensive than it actually was, the quality is great and the pale pink color with grey Tie Dye pattern looks so good! I will never stop wearing Tie-Dye patterns, those are my summer must-haves. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekly Update #7

New in…
When I saw this beautiful combo in store at Urban Outfitters, I fell in love. The print of the shirt is perfect and looks so good together with my new lace cardigan. Can't wait to shoot them for an outfit post! (Shirt and Cardigan from Urban Outfitters : Here and here)

Somehow the weather is very cold and it almost feels like fall is coming very soon (unfortunately). I recently found this beautiful fall 14 lookbook "Fall Of The Wild" from NastyGal, well those pictures make me looking forward to the rough stormy and cloudy days, I honestly can't wait for layering! This is also probably my favorite fall lookbook shoot EVER. 

I finally found a really exciting movie again when I was searching for one at the secondhand shop. The movie's called "The Mist" (2007) based on a Stephen King novel. I really love this movie, especially because I'm quite into reading novels by Stephen King. His stories are simply awesome, he's a genius. It's definitely worth looking (and reading Stephen King's books, too). Watch the trailer here:


You know these days when you turn your stereo up, just dancing to the songs and be happy to listen to such awesome music? Call it "solo party" or whatever, it's just the simplicity of happiness what music can create.
Here are two new songs I've just discovered and love:

 Actually I only want tickets for the Rock 'n' Heim festival right now this weekend. It's the only festival in Germany I wanted to visit, there are so many good acts playing on stage at the moment. I wish I could see Skrillex, Placebo or Billy Talent live right now. I think I'd rather stay in bed and being all depressed today. 

Recently happening…
(Pictures from my instagram - go and follow me! @TessaDiamondly)
This week I spend a lot of time in town, reading fashion magazines (I've recently discovered "Company" which is a british fashion mag. I wish those issues wouldn't be so overpriced and expensive here in Germany, I would definitely buy every single issue! Best magazine EVER.), listening to lots of music or I continue to watch my Pretty Little Liars season 3 DVDs.
Furthermore I've been looking forward to the new collection and its lookbook by Spell Designs which should drop within the next weeks. As I already mentioned before, I'm a bit sad I can't be at Rock 'n' Heim festival right now. My biggest wish and dream is to get a backstage pass one day, that would be probably the best thing ever. Not only because I would love to meet some of my favorite artists, I would also love to have a post about it online.

Tumblr enchantment…
My favorite Tumblr posts this week, some boho vibes and nature calling.
(Source: Tumblr; more pictures on my personal one)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Outfit: Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Mini dress: Spell Designs || Necklace: Hmong Hill Tribe via etsy || Rings: All vintage || Concho Belt: Lovestrength || Boots: Zara

Do you know those vintage lace dresses from Victorian times when every dress looked like a masterpiece and possessed the perfect quality? Well, even though the dress isn't vintage at all, it definitely looks like one of those dresses. Spell Designs always make me fall in love with their clothes, their designs are perfect and definitely made for a lifetime. The dress is probably the most expensive one I've ever bought, but I'm 100% sure it will be in my life for the next decades. It's very 70's inspired and has these beautiful bell sleeves, but is still slim in a nice way. For me it has also the perfect length, especially when you're not super tall like me (I'm 5'4). I wanted to keep the whole outfit with a vintage-hippie-vibe, so I combined it with my favorite vintage jewelry like my navajo rings or asian hill tribe necklace. Last but not least: My favorite boots in summer: my beloved western booties. I'm wearing them more than 3 times in a week, they are simply perfect. 
Wish you all an awesome weekend! xx